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thjorska's Journal

24 March
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There are limits to what a man can do, no matter how hard he may dream nor how hard he may try. This is the realm of reality, the possible. But with a sword in his hand, a fire in his heart and a terrible flag triumphant behind him - the impossible can be conquered!

Being a pirate is not the same as being a criminal. A criminal breaks laws, mistreats people, does what he does purely out of greed. A pirate cannot break laws, for he is not beholden to them. The world is not a cage that demands its children sway unflinching to order. It is a wide ocean, a fleeting dream to be chased and seized upon a moment's notice. Kings and governments are the constructs of small-minded people who cannot accept this true nature of the world. As long as there is one man remaining who pursues the true meaning of freedom, the soul of his species and the destiny of the world, piracy will never die!

I am beholden to no man but myself, no master but the elements and the steady march of time. I fear nothing but that my will may someday falter, and when my time finally comes I will stride into the jaws of death with a smile on my face and iron in my blood. I am a pirate, and I cannot refute this fact. Every breath I take is a solemn vow to continue searching for the meaning of freedom and the fulfilment of my dreams. My spirit is strong, capable and willing to push itself beyond the limits of the possible to achieve whatever my heart desires. Nothing can stop me, and even that which manages to slow me down can never break me.

There is a wide world beyond every wall and every door, waiting eternally for man to uncover its every secret. Close your eyes and hear it whisper. It will tell you of hidden treasures and places of awe-inspiring splendour and natural beauty. Respect it! Know it! Conquer it! All creation lies out there for the taking, with knowledge and truth lying among grains of sand and between the touch of lovers' lips. Take your world and live every day as lords of the earth, as kings of men, as pirates born! Live! Your very humanity demands it of you! Live for tomorrow, always remember yesterday and spend the richest treasure possible - the seconds of today! Live! Live!
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